2015 Speakers

2015 (tentative schedule)

Tuesday, July 28
Mo Khalil, Boston University
Title: Naturally-inspired engineering of biological systems

Wednesday, July 29
Pam Silver, Harvard Medical School
Co-hosted by the CSH Synthetic Biology and the CSH Yeast Courses
Title: Designing biology for a healthy world

Thursday, July 30
Nathan Hillson, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Title: Synthetic biology informatics: Scalability and responsible innovation

Friday, July 31
David Savage, University of California Berkeley
CSHL Synthetic Biology Course co-founder
Title: Rapid construction of protein-based biosensors

Jeff Tabor, Rice University
CSHL Synthetic Biology Course co-founder
Title: Engineering bacterial two-component signal transduction systems

Saturday, August 1
Tom Knight, Ginkgo Bioworks
Title: Creating an engineering discipline for biology

Sunday, August 2
Steve Evans, Dow AgroSciences
Title: Making synthetic biology work for plants

Monday, August 3
Vincent Noireaux, University of Minnesota
Title: Cell-free transcription-translation: from gene circuits to self-assembly in a test tube

Tuesday, August 4
Danielle Tullman-Ercek, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Getting through the gatekeepers: Changing the selectivity of semi-permeable cellular membranes

Wednesday, August 5
Elisa Franco, University of California, Riverside
Title: Bottom up construction of biomolecular materials

Thursday, August 6
Emma Frow, Arizona State University
Title: CRISPR in context


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