Past Speakers


Tuesday, July 25
Domitilla del Vecchio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Context-dependence and its mitigation in synthetic genetic circuits

Wednesday, July 26
Harris Wang, Columbia University
Title: Engineering microbial communities through mobile trans-species gene circuits

Thursday, July 27
Ophelia Venturelli, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Deciphering microbial interactions that shape the dynamics of the human gut microbiota

Friday, July 28
Philip Romero, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Data-driven protein engineering

Monday, July 30
Drew Endy, Stanford University
Title: What should we be arguing about?

Tuesday, July 31
Sijin Li, Stanford University
Title: Biosynthesis of noscapine and derivatives in yeast

Tuesday, August 2
John Glass, J. Craig Venter Institute
Title: Design, Construction, and Analysis of a Synthetic Minimal Bacterial Cell

Thursday, August 3
Kevin Hoff, Genomatica
Title: Engineering Microorganisms for Commerical Success

Friday, August 4
John Dueber, University of California Berkeley
Co-hosted by the Yeast Genetics and Genomics Course
Title: Synthetic biology strategies for gaining spatial control over engineered metabolic pathways



Tuesday, August 2
Matthew DeLisa, Cornell University
Title: Bacterial glycoengineering: from designer enzymes and pathways to next-generation therapeutics and vaccines

Wednesday, August 3
Doug Densmore, Boston University
Title: Bio-Design Automation in Synthetic Biology

Thursday, August 4
Karmella Haynes, Arizona State University
Previous CSHL Synthetic Biology Instructor
Title: Synthetic chromatin in human cells

Friday, August 5
Lingchong You, Duke University
Title: Programming bacteria in time and space

Sunday, August 7
Kevin Esvelt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
Title: tba

Monday, August 8
Meagan McClean, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Co-hosted by the Yeast Genetics and Genomics Course
Title: Elucidating principles of biological signal processing using microfluidic and optogenetic tools

Tuesday, August 9
Chang Liu, University of California Irvine
Title: Orthogonal replication for rapid mutation and synthetic biology

Wednesday, August 10
Samira Kiani, Arizona State University
Title: CRISPR genetic circuits for reprogramming cellular function

Thursday, August 11
Reshma Shetty, Ginkgo Bioworks
Title: The emerging organism engineering industry

Friday, August 12
Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Title: Engineering microorganisms that create and communicate with materials



Tuesday, July 28
Mo Khalil, Boston University
Title: Naturally-inspired engineering of biological systems

Wednesday, July 29
Pam Silver, Harvard Medical School
Co-hosted by the CSH Synthetic Biology and the CSH Yeast Courses
Title: Designing biology for a healthy world

Thursday, July 30
Nathan Hillson, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Title: Synthetic biology informatics: Scalability and responsible innovation

Friday, July 31
David Savage, University of California Berkeley
CSHL Synthetic Biology Course co-founder
Title: Rapid construction of protein-based biosensors

Jeff Tabor, Rice University
CSHL Synthetic Biology Course co-founder
Title: Engineering bacterial two-component signal transduction systems

Saturday, August 1
Tom Knight, Ginkgo Bioworks
Title: Creating an engineering discipline for biology

Sunday, August 2
Steve Evans, Dow AgroSciences
Title: Making synthetic biology work for plants

Monday, August 3
Vincent Noireaux, University of Minnesota
Title: Cell-free transcription-translation: from gene circuits to self-assembly in a test tube

Tuesday, August 4
Danielle Tullman-Ercek, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Getting through the gatekeepers: Changing the selectivity of semi-permeable cellular membranes

Wednesday, August 5
Elisa Franco, University of California, Riverside
Title: Bottom up construction of biomolecular materials

Thursday, August 6
Emma Frow, Arizona State University
Title: CRISPR in context



Monday, July 28
Richard Murray, California Institute of Technology
Biomolecular Breadboards for Prototyping and Debugging Synthetic Biocircuits

Tuesday, July 29
Eric Klavins, University of Washington
Computation with Multicellular Systems

Wednesday, July 30
Ron Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mammalian Synthetic Biology: From Parts to Modules to Therapeutic Systems

Thursday, July 31
Harris Wang, Columbia University
Multiplex Genome Engineering in Cells and in Communities

Friday, August 1
Megan Palmer, SynBERC/ University of California Berkeley, Stanford University
Responsible Innovation

Sunday, August 3
Andy Ellington, University of Texas at Austin
Directed Evolution as Synthetic Biology

Monday, August 4
Jay Keasling, University of California Berkeley, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Synthetic (Yeast) Biology for Synthetic Chemistry

Tuesday, August 5
Stanley Qi, University of California San Francisco
Editing and Regulation of the Mammalian Genome Using CRISPR
Mary Dunlop, University of Vermont
Title Engineering Feedback Control Systems in Microbes

Wednesday, August 6
Ramon Gonzalez, Rice University
Engineering Biology for Fuel and Chemical Production

Thursday, August 7
Mike Jewett, Northwestern University
Title Engineering Biology by Design: Thinking Outside the Cell

Friday, August 8
Kevin Hoff, Genomatica
Title Harvesting Metabolism for Sustainable Production of Chemicals: 1, 4 Butanediol



Tuesday, July 30
Richard Murray, California Institute of Technology
Biomolecular Breadboards for Prototyping and Debugging Synthetic Biocircuits

Wednesday, July 31
Michael Jewett, Northwestern University
Establishing cell-free synthetic biology for materials, therapeutics and energy

Wednesday, July 31
Eric Klavins, University of Washington
Control of Cellular State and Decision Making in Synthetic Biology

Thursday, August 1
Pam Silver, Harvard Medical School
How to Think About Designing Biological Systems

Thursday, August 1
Harris Wang, Columbia University
Multiplexed genome engineering: methods and applications

Friday, August 2
Adam Arkin, University of California, Berkeley
Context Effects and Predictability in Gene Express Programming

Saturday, August 3
Andy Ellington, University of Texas at Austin

Sunday, August 4
Justin Gallivan, Emory University

Sunday, August 4
Daniel Gibson, J. Craig Venter Institute

Monday, August 5
Michelle Chang, University of California Berkeley
Engineering microbes for chemical synthesis

Thursday, August 8
Ron Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
From parts to modules to therapeutic systems in mammalian synthetic biology

Firday, August 9
Megan Palmer, University of California Berkeley/ Stanford
Practicing Synthetic Biology: (How) Can we Responsibly Innovate?


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