Past Instructors

Instructors & Teaching Assistants by Year

2017 – Year Five

Chase Beisel (NC State), Elisa Franco (UC Riverside), Vincent Noireaux (U Minnesota), Lauren Woodruff (U Massachusetts Amherst), Howard Salis (Penn State)

Michelle Luo (NC State), Christian Cuba Samaniego (UC Riverside), Ryan Marshall (U Minnesota), Nate Howitz (U Massachusetts Amherst)

2016 – Year Four

Chase Beisel (NC State), Mary Dunlop (U Vermont), Ahmad Khalil (Boston U), Vincent Noireaux (U Minnesota), Michael Smanski (U Minnesota), Harris Wang (Columbia U)

Michelle Luo (NC State), Nicholas Rossi (U. Vermont), Brandon Wong (Boston U), Ryan Marshall (U Minnesota), Suzie Hsu (U Minnesota), Jimin Park (Columbia U)

2015 – Year Three

Mary Dunlop
(U. Vermont), John Dueber (UC Berkeley), Karmella Haynes (Arizona State), Julius Lucks (Cornell), Pamela Peralta-Yahya (Georgia Tech), Stanley Qi (Stanford)

Nicholas Rossi (U. Vermont), Luke Latmer (UC Berkeley), Rene Davis (Arizona State), James Chappell (Cornell), Emily Yassi (Georgia Tech), Dehua Zhao (Stanford)

2014 – Year Two

Karmella Haynes
 (Arizona State), Julius Lucks (Cornell), Pamela Peralta-Yahya (Georgia Tech), David Savage (UC Berkeley), Jeff Tabor (Rice University)

Rene Davis
 (Arizona State), Melissa Takahashi (Cornell), Vincent Peterson (Georgia Tech),  Rayka Yokoo (UC Berkeley), Evan Olson (Rice University)

2013 – Year One

Karmella Haynes
 (Arizona State), Julius Lucks (Cornell), David Savage (UC Berkeley), Jeff Tabor (Rice University)

Rene Davis (Arizona State), Melissa Takahashi (Cornell), Dana Nadler (UC Berkeley), Evan Olson (Rice University)


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