We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course in Synthetic Biology.

  • Course Dates: July 23 – August 5, 2019
  • Application deadline: April 1, 2019

We encourage you to apply if…

  • You are a scientist whose training is well underway (senior graduate student to junior faculty and beyond).
  • You are interested in steering your research in a new direction, towards synthetic biology.
  • You are interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to biology and bioengineering. We encourage students of all backgrounds, whether the very biological or very theoretical, to apply!

Scholarships: Several stipend awards are available for applicants who are accepted into the course. Please read details about the available stipend awards at In order to be considered for an award, you must specifically reference which one you are eligible for in the Stipend Request section of your application.

Statement/Essay: Your application packet will include a narrative. At the end of your narrative, please rank your interest in the following major available laboratory modules:

  • Cell-free transcription and translation systems (TX-TL) to characterize genetic circuits and RNA regulators
  • Modeling gene expression using ordinary differential equations
  • DNA Assembly and Design of Expression Cassettes
  • Microfluidics for high-throughput characterization of biological systems
  • Computational modeling of genetic circuits and microbial communities.

Application Form: Click the Application tab at the top of this page:


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