2017 Speakers


Tuesday, July 25
Domitilla del Vecchio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Context-dependence and its mitigation in synthetic genetic circuits

Wednesday, July 26
Harris Wang, Columbia University
Title: Engineering microbial communities through mobile trans-species gene circuits

Thursday, July 27
Ophelia Venturelli, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Deciphering microbial interactions that shape the dynamics of the human gut microbiota

Friday, July 28
Philip Romero, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Data-driven protein engineering

Monday, July 30
Drew Endy, Stanford University
Title: What should we be arguing about?

Tuesday, July 31
Sijin Li, Stanford University
Title: Biosynthesis of noscapine and derivatives in yeast

Tuesday, August 2
John Glass, J. Craig Venter Institute
Title: Design, Construction, and Analysis of a Synthetic Minimal Bacterial Cell

Thursday, August 3
Kevin Hoff, Genomatica
Title: Engineering Microorganisms for Commerical Success

Friday, August 4
John Dueber, University of California Berkeley
Co-hosted by the Yeast Genetics and Genomics Course
Title: Synthetic biology strategies for gaining spatial control over engineered metabolic pathways