2016 Week One: Lab Modules


TX-TL and Modeling course modules.

The 2016 course is off to a great start! During week one, our students are learning some key essentials of synthetic biology through four themes that align with each instructor’s expertise:

  1. CRISPR for programmable gene expression. Taught by Chase Beisel and Michelle Luo (TA).
  2. Modeling and simulating gene expression. Taught by Mary Dunlop and Nick Rossi (TA).
  3. TX-TL (cell-free transcription/ translation) for characterizing dynamics of RNA regulators.  Taught by Vincent Noireaux and Ryan Marshall (TA).
  4. Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE) and sequencing. Taught by Harris Wang and Jimin Park (TA).

Sub-groups of five or six students participate in a different day-long module each day. Each module begins with a lecture and is followed by a series of wet bench exercises. All of the key protocols and experiments are detailed in a printed manual so that students can use newly-learned techniques after they return to their home institutions. The synthetic biology modules provide a rich learning experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.


MAGE and CRISPR course modules.


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