2016 Speakers


Tuesday, August 2
Matthew DeLisa, Cornell University
Title: Bacterial glycoengineering: from designer enzymes and pathways to next-generation therapeutics and vaccines

Wednesday, August 3
Doug Densmore, Boston University
Title: Bio-Design Automation in Synthetic Biology

Thursday, August 4
Karmella Haynes, Arizona State University
Previous CSHL Synthetic Biology Instructor
Title: Synthetic chromatin in human cells

Friday, August 5
Lingchong You, Duke University
Title: Programming bacteria in time and space

Sunday, August 7
Kevin Esvelt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
Title: tba

Monday, August 8
Meagan McClean, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Co-hosted by the Yeast Genetics and Genomics Course
Title: Elucidating principles of biological signal processing using microfluidic and optogenetic tools

Tuesday, August 9
Chang Liu, University of California Irvine
Title: Orthogonal replication for rapid mutation and synthetic biology

Wednesday, August 10
Samira Kiani, Arizona State University
Title: CRISPR genetic circuits for reprogramming cellular function

Thursday, August 11
Reshma Shetty, Ginkgo Bioworks
Title: The emerging organism engineering industry

Friday, August 12
Caroline Ajo-Franklin, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Title: Engineering microorganisms that create and communicate with materials