CSH Syn Bio Team at SEED 2015

The Cold Spring Harbor Summer Synthetic Biology Course community continues to make waves at the forefront of synthetic biology. Many CSH Synthetic Biology course instructors and key supporters participated in the 2015 Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED) conference that took place at Boston Park Plaza, Boston, MA on Wednesday June 10 – Saturday June 13, 2015. In the Biological Circuits and Context Session, John Dueber (2015 instructor) presented “Use of an enzyme-coupled biosensor to engineer a BIA fermentation pathway from glucose in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” and Stanley Qi (2015 instructor) presented “CRISPR Genetic Circuits for Genome Control and Interfacing.” In the Agriculture and Water session, Mary Dunlop (2015 instructor) presented “Engineering Robust Hosts to Improve Microbial Biofuel Production.” In the poster session, David Savage (founding and 2015 supporting instructor) presented “Design Principles of Protein Organelles.”

Rene Davis (PhD student, K. Haynes lab), a CSH Synthetic Biology teaching assistant, presented a poster: “New Evidence for the Effect of Human Chromatin on Cas9-Mediated Editing.”

Two of this year’s CSH Synthetic Biology speakers were also at SEED: Elisa Franco (talk: “Bottom Up Construction of Dynamic Biomolecular Materials”) and Pam Silver (SEED Chair, keynote: “Designing Biology for a Healthy World”).

Many past speakers also participated, including Dan Gibson, Michael Jewett, Eric Klavins, Richard Murray, and Ron Weiss (SEED Chair).

Read Twitter comments from attendees by searching the Twitter hashtag #SEED2015.

Written by: Karmella Haynes


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