CSH Syn Bio Alumni at MSBW 2.0

Several CSH Synthetic Biology course alumni participated in the Second Annual Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop (MSBW 2.0) that took place at MIT in Boston, MA on Saturday April 25 – Sunday April 26, 2015.

Daniel Woodsworth (CSH Syn Bio c/0 2014) presented a talk: “A lymphocyte based cell-to-cell therapeutic delivery system.” Karmella Haynes (Instructor 2013 – 2015) also presented a talk: “regulating human cancer epigenomes with synthetic chromatin.” Rene Davis (TA 2013 – 2015) presented a poster: “New evidence for the effect of chromatin on Cas9 indel efficiency.” Her project arose from the course work she helped to organize during CSH Synthetic Biology 2014. The conference was organized by Ron Weiss, a past speaker for the CSH Synthetic Biology course (2013, 2014).

Read Twitter comments from attendees by searching the Twitter hashtag #msbw2.


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