Plate race 2014!

Written by: Karmella Haynes.

The CSH Synthetic Biology students and instructors competed in the 2014 Annual Cold Spring Harbor Course Plate Race at 3pm EST. The event is a relay-style race where team members run a lap of about a quarter mile carrying an unsecured stack of 40 agar-filled petri dishes, growing old yeast and a variety of other fungal life forms. To complete a lap, the runner had to run, walk, or jog the entire lap without dropping the plates. Then the runner handed off the petri dish stack to the next runner in a designated hand-off zone, who then completed a lap. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Our team had a fantastic showing, finishing 20 laps before 2 of the four teams, with zero dropped plates on the course and only one drop within the hand-off zone. Congratulations to the CSH Gene Expression Course for placing first this year! Special thanks to invited speakers Kevin Hoff for running with our team in the relay, and Michael Jewett for helping to cheer us on!



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