2014 Invited Speakers

Written by: Karmella Haynes.

Picture a typical day in the lab, where you are working at your bench or at a computer to investigate an important open question. For most researchers, turning to the “experts” for tips and leads often involves searching the literature online, or cracking open a textbook. Imagine that instead you could pick up the phone and ask an expert to fly in for a brief visit to chat about the problem, or to help you with an experiment you are working on. As improbable as that sounds, that’s part of the Cold Spring Harbor Synthetic Biology course experience!

Our visiting experts are invited speakers who will visit the CSHL campus to present a seminar. Not only will students learn about the latest developments in synthetic biology from leading experts in a small group setting, students will have the opportunity to chat with these experts over breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes even over a beer (or two, or three) at the Eagle Pub. What’s more, our invited speakers often come into the lab to participate in course-related benchwork. If that sounds like too much pressure, don’t worry. Our invited speakers value the journey of learning that leads to discovery, and are life-long students themselves.

Our invited speakers for CSHL Synthetic Biology 2014 are…

Monday, July 28 – Richard Murray, California Institute of Technology
Tuesday, July 29 – Eric Klavins, University of Washington
Wednesday, July 30 – Ron Weiss, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thursday, July 31 – Harris Wang, Columbia University
Friday, August 1 – Megan Palmer, SynBERC/ University of California Berkeley, Stanford University
Sunday, August 3 – Andy Ellington, University of Texas at Austin
Monday, August 4 – Jay Keasling, University of California Berkeley, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Tuesday, August 5 – Stanley Qi, University of California San Francisco
Wednesday, August 6 – Ramon Gonzalez, Rice University
Thursday, August 7 – Mike Jewett, Northwestern University
Friday, August 8 – Kevin Hoff, Genomatica and Mary Dunlop, University of Vermont

Their research interests overlap with the topics that will be covered in this year’s course. Please click on each speaker’s name to visit their website, or view the 2014 speakers list to see seminar titles (currently undergoing updates).


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